Day 3; The Narc discloses

Everything was Perfect, I never loved anyone so much in my life. We were in love or were we? Or was it one sided?. You told me you loved me and we went to Morrisons for something to eat and to get a food shop. We had something to eat, I can remember this day […]

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Day 2; How I met the Narc 💜

This is my story, hopefully there’s no other chapters and we’re at the end; It was an August summers evening I was attending a family wedding and you walked through the door; I didn’t think much of it really back then, other than you are here for the wedding and are staying here too, “Aren’t […]

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Day 1. Hello Everyone

This is where I introduce myself, I will keep my name anonymous because of the ordeal I have had to go through to get where I am today to explain my story so I’ll just call myself hope, because I hoped for this day to come for so many years. This blog has been made […]

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